Agricultural Sciences

Given our location as a community college in Iowa, you’d think we’d offer outstanding coursework in agriculture, and you’d be right! Farming is the backbone of our state’s economy. But agriculture is more than dirt, plows, tractors, and animals. Few career paths offer you the chance to help people live better than ag. And our ag programs at Indian Hills Community College in Iowa are the place to start or improve your career in agriculture.

Agriculture, or "Ag," at Indian Hills includes a wide variety of interesting and meaningful careers, everything from working with plants in horticulture and landscaping (such as flowers, turfgrass, trees, and shrubs) to animal science to precision farming. Even culinary arts are connected to agriculture, as without agricultural products it would be much harder to prepare an amazing 6-course meal!

You don’t need to have grown up on a farm to have a career in agriculture. Students from all walks of life are finding high paying jobs and great career satisfaction in a variety of ag-related fields.

Here’s a brief overview of our Agricultural Sciences programs.

Campus Centerville Campus
Entry Term All Terms
Length of Program Landscape & Turfgrass Technology – 7 Terms (21 Months)
Precision Farming – 7 Terms (21 Months)
Animal Science – 7 Terms (21 Months)
Diploma/Degree Landscape & Turfgrass Technology – Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.)
Precision Farming – Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.)
Animal Science – Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.)

More, Please

As you can see, you can earn your associate degree in one of our ag programs in less than two years. But What really happens in our ag sciences programs, and what will you learn? Select one of our three programs below to check-out the details.

Landscape & Turfgrass Technology Precision Farming Animal Science

Whether or not you have experience in higher education, chances are you have questions about the costs involved, what financial aid or community college scholarships or grants may be available or whether or not to live on campus. Get started with any of the links below, and if you have more questions, let’s connect!

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Not sure what program you want to go into? Don’t stress. Just ask Neric or Brydon!

Neric Smith, Program Director, Construction & Agricultural Sciences
(641)-856-2143, ext. 2203 or (800) 670-3641, ext. 2203

Brydon Kaster, Professor of Agricultural Sciences
(641) 856-2143, ext. 2216 or (800) 670-3641, ext. 2216