Fire School

The  Annual 2020 Indian Hills Fire School will be held on the North Campus of Indian HIlls Community College on March 21, 2020 from 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

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Check-in, breakfast and the keynote will be held in the North Advanced Technologies building (former Aviation Building). Meals will be served in the North ATC cafeteria, vendors will be in the main hall. There is parking to the west and south of this building. Students will move to several different buildings on the north campus after breakfast for classes.

Classes for the 2020 Fire School are currently being planned.  Check back soon for a complete listing and registration information.

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Additional Information

Fire School T-shirts will be available on-site.

Tuition discounts—Volunteer Fire Fighter Fund:
Tuition in some classes has been reduced due to support from the Volunteer Fire Fighter Fund with cooperative assistance from the Fire Service Training Bureau.

Liability Waiver & Release:
Indian Hills Community College will provide instruction under the supervision of competent instructors. Some of the courses involve hands-on training that may subject participants to risk of injury. In consideration of being permitted to enroll in such courses, the participant acknowledges that he/she is aware of the risks associated with participation in such courses and is voluntarily agreeing to assume such risks. IHCC, except as provided under Iowa Code Chapter 669 relating to tort claims, shall not be held liable for damages or injuries to students or persons participating in the fire school.

Health Warning:
There may be some programs presented that require significant physical exertion. Persons with heart, respiratory, or other physical conditions that may be aggravated by this type of exertion, or that may hinder their participation should not participate in certain programs. Rehab of firefighters will be performed for physically strenuous sessions. Individuals may be removed from the hands-on potion of a session should their rehab vitals not be within acceptable parameters.

Personal Protective Equipment Requirements:
Some courses at fire school have the requirement of “Full NFPA protective clothing and SCBA.” For those classes, students must provide the following to participate: Helmet, Protective hood, gloves, coat and pants with liner, firefighting boots, and SCBA with spare cylinder.  All NFPA compliant and rated for structure firefighting duty.

Individuals with facial hair or hairstyles that interfere with the proper seal of the SCBA will not be allowed to participate in the hands-on or live fire portion of classes requiring SCBA use.  Protective hoods over beards are not approved.


If you have any questions or concerns about the Fire School Event or one of the courses being offered, please reach out to one of the contacts below.

Lori Reeves, Coordinator
Office Phone: (641) 683-5337
Cell Phone: (641) 777-5835


Continuing Education Courses Refund Policy:
In order to qualify for a refund, you must cancel your registration at least 3 business days prior to course start.  If you have not prepaid for the class, charges will be assessed to your account if you do not cancel within the required timeframe or if you do not show up for the class you will be charged.  Exceptions will be made only in extreme circumstances.  To cancel a registration, call us at 1-800-346-4413.