CPRC Services


*NOTICE:  During the months of January – March 2021, all services will be provided by Synergy eTherapy.  This service will consist of Counseling only, for currently enrolled students, via Telehealth.  All students will have access to 4 free and confidential sessions.  Please see the “Schedule an Appointment” page for more information.  The below IHCC CPRC services will resume in April 2021. 

Services at the Counseling and Prevention Resource Center (CPRC) are confidential and free to all currently enrolled IHCC individuals; and are structured to provide short-term assistance and intervention.  Some services may be specifically available to current IHCC students, and other services are available to IHCC faculty and staff, as well as parents/legal guardians of currently enrolled IHCC students. 

Common Concerns

Below are some common concerns that bring students to the CPRC:

  • depressed mood or mood swings
  • worry and stress
  • anger and irritability
  • feeling alone and isolated
  • problems sleeping
  • grief and loss
  • poor concentration and focus
  • low motivation
  • thoughts of suicide and/or self–harming behaviors
  • negative addictive behaviors
  • time management, organization, study problems and/or any other academic struggle
  • interpersonal conflicts including problems with roommates, friends, or a current romantic relationship
  • family issues
  • problems associated with eating and maintaining a healthy body image
  • identity/self-esteem
  • career uncertainty
  • financial stressors or other socioeconomic concerns
  • difficulty adjusting to college, whether you are a new or returning student

Services may address any of the above issues, or any other concerns.  Services are for you and you alone. You will visit with a licensed mental health professional trained in providing or connecting you with the specific help you need.  


Crisis Services

Crisis Intervention at the CPRC is available at the request of the individual in crisis, any other IHCC individual, or a parent/legal guardian. The safety and well-being of the individual and/or others is prioritized.  This service will provide a risk assessment, brief intervention (crisis intervention planning), and referral and linkage to community resources/agencies as needed.  Crisis sessions may be a “scheduled appointment”, however they are typically a “same day or walk-in” emergency session; and often last anywhere from 15 – 90 minutes. 

To obtain service, walk directly to the CPRC (or Student Development front desk) and ask for a crisis session.  Or to schedule an appointment, call 641-683-5152 and ask to be scheduled for a crisis session, or email counseling.services@indianhills.edu requesting the same.  If you have any issues obtaining an appointment at the CPRC and need immediate assistance, call Campus Security at 641-683-5300.

See the “In Case of a Mental Health Crisis or Emergency Situation” section below for additional details.   

Crisis Advocates can be reached at:

  • Crisis Intervention Services (24/7 Sexual Assault Advocacy crisis line): 1-800-270-1620
  • Family Crisis Center (24/7 Domestic Violence Advocacy crisis line): 1-800-464-8340

Counseling Services

Counseling at the CPRC is available at the request of the individual and/or a parent/legal guardian.  Counseling is never required by the CPRC.  For minor or dependent adult students, a parent/legal guardian must provide consent for counseling services.  Counseling services are typically “scheduled appointments”.

Counseling at the CPRC is considered a short-term, solution-focused model, with a primary overarching goal to facilitate adjustment to college, reduce emotional distress, and foster resilience to help students continue attending college and pursue their academic, career, and personal goals.  Therefore, if there appears to be a mental health need that would benefit from a more long-term model of intervention/care, a referral to other (typically community-based/outpatient) mental health support(s) will be given. 

An Intake session, which is the first session, includes a brief mental health assessment exploring pertinent client history and current concerns in order to determine best options for addressing these concerns; and will last 45 – 60 minutes.  Goals are created collaboratively by provider and client at the start of treatment and may result in continued counseling at the CPRC or a referral to another support, as mentioned above.  Sometimes the Intake session is sufficient for identifying ways to address the concern(s) and no further services/sessions are needed.  Otherwise, subsequent therapy sessions often last 30 – 45 minutes and will likely be held weekly and decrease to twice a month or monthly as progress/goals are achieved (as agreed upon by client and provider).  Providers implement evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  See the “Schedule an Appointment” page to schedule this service.     

Consultation Services

Consultation at the CPRC is available at the request of the individual and/or parent/legal guardian.  This service is designed similar to Life Coaching and/or Career Coaching and does not have to be mental health-related; but rather, may address any personal life challenge or question.  Consultation services are typically “scheduled appointments” and may include one or a series of sessions (depending upon agreed upon need); lasting anywhere from 15 – 45 minutes per session.  See the “Schedule an Appointment” page to schedule this service. 


Coordination Services

Coordination at the CPRC is available at the request of the individual and/or parent/legal guardian.  It involves assistance with any personal mental health-related questions or referrals for services and supports.  It does not have to be a “scheduled appointment”, but rather can be requested via phone at 641-683-5152 or messaging through the secure Client Portal.  If an appointment is scheduled, it would typically last anywhere from 15 – 45 minutes.  See the “Schedule an Appointment” page for information about the Client Portal.   


IHCC INDIVIDUALS (including parents/legal guardians)

Collaboration Services

Collaboration at the CPRC is available at the request of the individual.  It involves assistance with any general mental health-related questions or referrals for services and supports.  It does not have to be a “scheduled appointment”, but rather can be requested via phone at 641-683-5152, or messaging through the secure Client Portal.  If an appointment is scheduled, it would typically last anywhere from 15 – 60 minutes.  See the “Schedule an Appointment” page for information about the Client Portal. 

*Note to parents/legal guardians:  This service is available to speak with a mental health professional.  Please be mindful that although you are welcome to share or ask about any information pertaining to your student, the provider may be unable to respond with information based on legal and ethical requirements relating to confidentiality.  Unless the student discussed is a minor or dependent adult, or the situation meets an exception to confidentiality, requested information will not be disclosed. 

*Note to faculty/staff:  This service is available to speak with a mental health professional if you are in need of any mental health-related resources, questions regarding classroom/program support, support for a specific student or regarding any related service in the community.  Please be mindful that this service is not for personal mental-health related needs.  See the Outreach and Prevention Programs section below and the Helpful Resources page (Employee Assistance Program – EAP) for additional faculty/staff specific services.  


Telemental Health

Telemental Health is a subset of telemedicine and telehealth, which are terms that are used interchangeably.  It is the delivery of services using interactive technologies, such as use of live, interactive audio, video, or other electronic communications to enable mental health providers to connect with individuals.  Telecounseling falls under Telemental Health and is the process of providing counseling or talk-therapy remotely through the use of HIPAA compliant software with the goal of resolving personal, psychological or social issues, etc.  To receive Telemental Health/Telecounseling services, you must:  be a current IHCC individual, be located in Iowa, have access to computer audio/video capabilities, internet, and/or a private phone line, and be located in a confidential space that is free of any threat to your safety.  There will be additional forms to review/sign, if utilizing this modality. 

  • Telemental Health is available for all the above services.
  • Phone Counseling – Due to Covid-19, if you do not have access to internet or audio/video technology, phone counseling can be utilized.  It will also be used as a back-up for Telecounseling in case of connection issues. 
  • Please change/request to change all currently scheduled in-person sessions to Telemental Health if you experience any Covid-19 related symptoms, by calling 641-683-5152, emailing counseling.services@indianhills.edu or via secure messaging in the Client Portal!

Outreach and Prevention Programs

In addition to the Intervention services above, and in an effort to more fully support the IHCC community, the CPRC provides both scheduled and requested Outreach and Prevention programming.  This most always includes a component of psychoeducation, and may include postvention programming as necessary. 

Programming may include, but is not limited to:

Support/Topic Groups:  Available for students only.  Some may occur every academic year, others as-needed.  Current groups will be posted on all social media platforms including the IHCC website, as well as at the CPRC office.  Topics may include:  

  • Balancing work, life & school,
  • Stress management,
  • Adjusting to life on campus,
  • Building healthy relationships,
  • Effective communication and healthy conflict resolution,
  • Healthy coping skills,
  • Organization and time management,
  • Grief and loss, etc.

Mental Health Screenings: Available to all IHCC individuals, screenings are free and confidential.  They are found on the IHCC website – CPRC “Helpful Resources” page.  Specific voluntary Screening Events may be held throughout the academic year as well.  Results may be emailed to the CPRC for review and follow-up mental health support if preferred. 

Relaxation Room: ON HOLD DUE TO COVID-19.  This will be available to students only and will include one-hour, scheduled reservation times.  More information to follow. 

CPRC/Mental Health-Related Programming: Available to the IHCC community (students, staff and/or faculty) and may consist of service-related/psychoeducational presentations, workshops, trainings and/or tabling events.  Complete the form below if you would like material presented to your class, team or program participants.  Call anytime with questions or to discuss options. 

CPRC Outreach and Prevention Programming Request Form


In Case of a Mental Health Crisis or Emergency Situation

During business hours, you can come directly to the CPRC (or the Student Development front desk) and ask for a crisis session.  Or, you can call 641-683-5152, email counseling.services@indianhills.edu, or go to https://cprc.clientsecure.me to schedule a crisis appointment.  For immediate assistance during and/or after business hours, you may call Campus Security at 641-683-5300 or any one of these additional options: 

  • Resident students can call an RA: Appanoose 641-680-2176, Centerville 641-680-3871, Keokuk 641-680-4151, Oak 641-680-5670, Trustee 641-680-6597, and Wapello 641-680-8351.
  • Call the Mobile Crisis Team at 1-844-430-8520 (must be physically located in Wapello, Mahaska, Davis or Van Buren counties)
  • Call the Southern Iowa Mental Health Center (SIMHC) 24/7 Crisis Line at 641-682-8772 and if during business hours, you may go to SIMHC at 1527 Albia Rd. in Ottumwa for an emergency walk-in appointment
  • Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) or Crisis Text Line 741741
  • Call Your Life Iowa at 1-855-581-8111 or online chat at https://yourlifeiowa.org/
  • Call the 24/7 Emergency Housing Crisis Line at 1-844-673-5499
  • Call the Veterans 24/7 Crisis Line (for all veterans, service members, national guard and reserve and their family members/friends) at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) and Press 1
  • Call the Focus on Recovery Helpline (alcohol/drugs) at 1-800-374-2800 or 1-800-234-1253
  • Call the Ottumwa Police Department (OPD) at 641-683-0661 (non-emergency) or 911
  • Call the Centerville Police Department at 641-437-7100 (non-emergency) or 911
  • Go to the SIMHC Crisis Unit (must be 18 & older), 1527 Albia Rd Ottumwa, IA 52501, 641-682-8772 as a voluntary alternative to the ER
  • Go to the Ottumwa Regional Health Center Emergency Room, 1001 E. Pennsylvania Ave. Ottumwa, IA 52501, 641-684-2300
  • Go to the Mercy Medical Center Emergency Room, 1 Old Hwy 5 Centerville, IA 52544, 641-437-4111
  • Go to another local emergency room

All individuals have the option to go to the SIMHC Crisis Unit or a local emergency room; however, we strongly encourage resident students to notify Campus Security (641-683-5300), a Residence staff or the CPRC should you decide to go to either location. 


Contact Us

Counseling and Prevention Resource Center
Indian Hills Community College
Trustee Hall, First Floor

525 Grandview Avenue Ottumwa, Iowa 52501

Phone: (641) 683-5152 or (800) 726-2585, ext. 5152
Email: counseling.services@indianhills.edu

Questions about services may be emailed, however, we do not schedule appointments via email, because email is not considered a confidential communication. Staff are also not able to check email with regularity or frequency,  therefore for the timeliest and most confidential communication, please call!