ALEKS Math Placement

The table below matches each math course to the corresponding score range a student should earn on the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment in order to register for that course. For more details on these courses, please see the Course Descriptions page in the online College Catalog.

Course Number and Course Title and ALEKS Score Range

MAT 040: Basic Math 0-14%
MAT 055: Integers and Expressions 14-29%
MAT 056: Basic Algebra I 14-29%
MAT 087: Survey of Mathematics 14-29%
MAT 101: Intermediate Algebra 30-45%
MAT 105: Elements of Contemporary Math 30-45%
MAT 110: Math for Liberal Arts 46-60%
MAT 117: Math for Elementary Teachers 46-60%
MAT 120: College Algebra 46-60%
MAT 125: Precalculus 61-75%
MAT 156: Statistics 46-60%
MAT 210: Calculus I 75-100%


If you have questions about the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment, please contact the Academic Success Center.