Worksite Tours

Lead students on a tour of your facilities to show them the various career opportunities available across all aspects of your business! Worksite tours are typically between 30 and 90 minutes in length. A good worksite tour is engaging, stimulating, and informative. Tours should provide students with an understanding of the workings of your inner-office, including multiple departments and business areas.


Suggestions for a Successful Worksite Tour

Part 1: The Tour

Describe a typical day on the job. Show where different people work in your business and what they do. Point out the various careers available within your company (i.e., administration, accounting, sales, manufacturing, technical, human resources, etc.), as well as the education each requires.

Identify the links between classroom skills (e.g., math, science, literacy, and social studies), soft skills (e.g., work ethic, punctuality, effective communication, initiative, etc.), and success in the workplace. Stress the importance of attire, attendance, punctuality, workplace etiquette, and other factors related to employability. Discuss what you look for in a potential employee.


Part 2: Talk to the Team

Discuss your background and why your chose your career. Have other members of your team meet briefly with students. Address what people in your office enjoy most and least about their careers. Explain what education and training are required to get started on this career path and to continue to develop professionally.


Part 3: Questions

Provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and gain insight into possible career choices. Remember that the students are just beginning to think about their futures and are looking at your profession as a possible career choice. Teachers are trying to connect what students are learning in the classroom with what they will use in the workplace.


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