New Account/Profile Request

So you want to setup a new IHCC Official Social Media Account/Profile? Well, before you do anything, you are required to fill out a new account/profile request form. Once the Social Media Manager has received your request, she will review and contact you with any questions and/or a follow up to let you know when to expect the account, profile, or page's completion.

If you have an existing social media account that is not currently listed in the IHCC Official Social Media Directory, please be sure to register your account with the Social Media Manager by emailing her at [email protected].


Please enter your full First Name.
Please enter your full Last Name.
If your phone number has an extension, please be sure to include that as well.
What would you like your account/page/profile to be named?

Please read:

By submitting this request, you have agreed to the social media policies as stated on and have acknowledged that you and any other editors that have been listed, have read all documents and/or policies as well.