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There’s never been a better time to enroll in our state-approved nursing program at Indian Hills Community College. Nursing is a respected profession with many high-paying and exciting job opportunities. A nursing degree gives you that special opportunity to help others while advancing your career. Nurses are on the front line of healthcare for a reason: Your knowledge, skill, and expertise save lives, while your compassion and a comforting smile can be truly Life. Changing.

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Total Cost: $17,069
Entry Term: Fall
Length: 4 Terms or 12 Months

"This program is an earned degree not a given degree. Be ready to have long nights of studying throughout the road but remember it will be all worth it in the end."

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In-state tuition: $203 per credit hour
  • Out-of-state tuition: $255 per credit hour
  • Your total bill will be based on the number of credit hours for which you are enrolled. Some programs of study will require you to purchase a uniform, books, tools, or other items, and it is important to budget for these costs as well.
  • For more information on the Cost of Attendance, please visit our Financial Aid page.

Yes, we have five residence halls including apartment-style and traditional style dorms.

Indian Hills has articulation agreements and transfer plans with many four-year colleges and universities. However, not all credits are guaranteed to transfer because of differences in programs and requirements among various institutions. An Academic Advisor will also assist you in your future academic plans.

The first step in order to receive financial aid is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Complete and submit the FAFSA online. It is important to file the FAFSA as soon after October 1st as possible to ensure you receive priority processing.

Our school code is 008298.

Most degrees at Indian Hills can be completed in approximately 2 years depending on program and individual circumstances such as transfer credits and time away from school.

View detailed program requirements in our catalog.

Program Outcomes for Practical Nursing

  • Students that Took the Test - 28
  • Percent that Passed - 100%

  • Students that Took the Test - 32
  • Percent that Passed - 100%

  • Students that Took the Test - 28
  • Percent that Passed - 100%

  • Students that Took the Test - 39
  • Percent that Passed - 97%

  • Students that Took the Test - 42
  • Percent that Passed - 95%


#2 Ranked Practical Nursing Program in Iowa:


Iowa Board of Nursing Contact Information
Phone: (515) 281-3255 | Fax: (515) 281-4825

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