Office of the Registrar

Need a transcript? Moving or changing your name? Want to let a parent or guardian access your records?

The Office of the Registrar manages all the academic records, policies, and procedures for Indian Hills Community College. The registrar is the official source of information for enrollment verification, courses and grades, tuition and fees, academic dates and deadlines, graduation requirements, and enrollment statistics.

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All About Transcripts

Your transcript is the official record of your academic progress at Indian Hills. Other schools and potential employers use this document to verify your enrollment status, GPA, number of credits, and course titles. You are the only one who can request a transcript, and the Registrar’s Office processes all requests electronically.

Request a copy of your Indian Hills transcript
Send your high school transcript to Indian Hills
Send your previous college transfer credits to Indian Hills
Request a copy of your HiSET/GED diploma



All About FERPA

FERPA stands for the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act. It’s a federal law that protects and enforces the privacy of your student records.

The law defines the rules for who can legally access your records – once you turn 18, you have control over who can see your schedule, grades, and other academic information. With very few exceptions, no one but you can view or disclose any part of your transcript or personally identifying information.

FERPA also give you the right to inspect your transcript, request amendments to incorrect or misleading data, or file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education.

Indian Hills FERPA Statement Student Guide to FERPA