Before you Begin

Before you begin your online or hybrid course, please be sure to carefully work through the following items to ensure that you have what you need to succeed.

review Computer Standards
Please review the Computer Standards. In order to take an online or hybrid course, students are required to have reliable access to a computer that meets specific standards, including Internet access. A personal, home computer is recommended over relying on the availability of a computer in another location.

install Required Free Software
Our online and hybrid courses contain documents and multimedia files that require the latest free version of the following software. Please download and install the latest version of this free program onto your computer:
Adobe Reader

tutorial Computer Software Tutorials
Students are expected to work through the provided Computer Tutorials and to access the IT Help Desk, if necessary, to ensure they are able to use the tools found in MyHills to complete course assignments.

help Need Help?
If you are having problems and need technical support, the IT Help Desk is here to help. See their web page for contact information and hours of operation.

lockdown Using LockDown Browser and a Webcam for Online Tests
When taking an online test through MyHills, your instructors may require you to use the free Respondus LockDown Browser. They may also have you use a webcam to monitor your activity as you take the test. Please watch the video below for an overview of how it all works. Next, read and follow the instructions. Then, download and install the free LockDown Browser (Note: Only this version of the browser will work with our college). Note: Please check with your instructor to see if you need Lockdown Browser and a webcam before beginning any course at IHCC.
(1) Watch Video (2 min)
(2) Read Instructions (PDF) (3) Download LockDown Browser

note Zoom Interaction Tools
Zoom allows students and faculty to interact using audio and video via MyHills. To ensure you are ready to use these tools properly, please work through the Zoom Tutorials.

note Webcam and Audio Headset with built-in microphone
Having a working webcam, as well as audio headphones with a built-in microphone, are requirements listed in the Computer Standards for IHCC Courses (PDF). This equipment is used both for taking online tests and interacting online with your instructors and fellow students. The webcam can be built into your computer (as is the case with most laptop computers) or it can be the type that plugs into your computer with a USB cable. If you don’t already have a webcam, they are available for purchase from the IHCC Bookstore. Be sure to test your equipment and ensure it is working properly ahead of time.

library Library Services
Online students are expected to make use of the many services and resources provided by the IHCC Library, including the Library's Online Databases, as they conduct research for written assignments and other projects assigned in their online courses. Visit the Indian Hills Library web page for a list of services and contact information. Be sure to get started collecting your resources early in the term and allow sufficient time for the use of Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services, as necessary.

note Academic Success Center Services
The Academic Success Center provides assistance to online students in numerous ways, including writing and math instruction, tutoring, and more. Please make use of their services as needed to ensure you receive the help you need and that your written assignments reflect proper spelling, grammar, and formatting. The Online Success Center in MyHills is also an excellent resource for online students.

linkedin learning LinkedIn Learning Online Training Library
Indian Hills has partnered with LinkedIn Learning to provide our students with 24/7 access to an extensive, high-quality, online video training library that includes more than 13,000 courses, mainly focused on how to use various software programs, but also extending to wider topics, such as photography and giving effective presentations. We encourage you to take advantage of this excellent resource, while enrolled with Indian Hills.

note Turnitin
Turnitin is an online service that includes tools for peer review (students providing feedback to one another), grading, and plagiarism detection. Many professors require students to submit their written assignments using this tool. Please work through the Turnitin Tutorials to ensure you are comfortable using it.